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Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.Frequency up to 50kHz
2.Voltage and current (mA) output ranges
3.Optimised for 12-bit systems
4.Provides 15Vdc for sensor excitation
5.Mains or DC power variations
6.Galvanic isolation to 3500V


ISC-HZ-0 Frequency transmitter, 230Vac power

ISC-HZ-1 Frequency transmitter, 115Vac power

ISC-HZ-6 Frequency transmitter, 24Vdc power

Input ranges 50kHz, 30kHz, 20kHz, 10kHz, 5kHz, 3kHz, 2kHz, 1kHz, 500Hz, 300Hz, 200Hz, 100Hz, 60Hz, 40Hz, 20Hz (minimum 10Hz)
Input signal NPN, PNP, NAMUR, pick-up voltage, sinusoidal up to 200Vac
Output signal ranges Volts: 0-1Vdc, 0-10Vdc
Current: 0/4-20mA
Accuracy <0.2% FSR, optimised for 12-bit systems
Maximum output load 400 Ohms
Consumption <3.8VA