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FMC-1000 FMC AD/DA module
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.Two A/D Inputs
2. Up to 1250* Msps,14-bits each, AC or DC coupled
3.Two D/A Outputs
4. Up to 1230* Msps,16-bits each 1x,to 2500* Msps with 4x interpolation, AC or DC coupled
5.Sample clocks and timing and controls
6.Both front panel and FMC ports;DCLK, SYSCLK inputs, Trig/Sync/Monitor input/output, HW customizable
7.Programmable PLL
8.25 MHz TCXO Reference
9.Integrated with FMC triggers
10.FMC module, VITA 57.1
11.High Pin Count,
12.JESD204B (subclass 1) Interfaces
13.2.5V Vadj
14.Power monitor and controls
15.10.4W typical (AC-coupled inputs)
16.Conduction cooling supported
17.Environmental ratings for -40 to 85C, 9g RMS sine, 0.1g2/Hz random vibration