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PEX6-COP Desktop/Server Coprocessor
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.Desktop/Server Half length FPGA coprocessor card
2.FMC I/O site (VITA 57) with x10 5 Gbps MGT lanes, 80 LVDS pairs (LA, HA, HB full support)
3.FPGA Computing Core
4.Xilinx Virtex6 SX315T, SX475T, LX240T or LX550T
5.2 Banks of 1GB DRAM (2GB total)
6.2 banks of QDRII+ SRAM (4MB each, options to 18MB each)
8.32Mb FLASH
9.Dual sample clock inputs
10.High speed trigger inputs support multi-card synchronization and coordinated sampling
11.Gen2 x8 PCI Express providing 4 GB/s burst and 2.5 GB/s sustained transfer rates
12.x4 Secondary Port usable as PCI Express or Aurora
13.< 15W typical excluding FMC
14.Configures from on-card FLASH
15.Temperature monitoring
16.High temperature option: 0 to +85C operation