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X3-DIO Spartan 3 FPGA XMC module
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.Stream digital data to/from memory or disk
2.400 MB/s LVDS capture/playback to SRAM
3.100 MB/s capture to system memory/disk**
4.50 MB/s streaming from system memory
5.64 single-end/32 differential digital IO
6.Optional on-card termination
7.Xilinx Spartan3A DSP, 1.8/3.4M gate FPGA
9.Programmable or external timebase
10.Framed, software or external triggering
11.Log acquisition timing and events
12.44 bits digital IO on P16
13.Power Management features
14.XMC Module (75x150 mm)
15.PCI Express (VITA 42.3)


X3-DIO Spartan 3 FPGA XMC module