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6K16V series
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.Gigabit Ethernet option with singlemode links up to 70km!
2.Conformal coating option available
3.-40 to +60°C Operating temperature
4.Approved for many industrial applications
5.Wide range of power supply options
6.Fast recovery redundant ring & rapid spanning tree redundancy
7.Dual alarm contacts for power, link status and other fault conditions


S-Ring key software license. One per 6K ring master switch required

Serial console cable for 6K series switch, configuration by PC COM port

USB console cable for configuration of 6K16V swith by PC USB port

DIN-RAIL-VRM Set of two DIN rail holders for secure mount of 6K16V switch

Power 5, 24, 48 and 125Vdc as well as auto-ranging AC options
Data rates 10/100/1000 Mbps
Connector options RJ45, ST, SC (multimode and singlemode)
Max number of ports 16 per switch
Ring redundancy Less than 250ms (depending on topology)