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A178 Thunder GPGPU Fanless Supercomputer
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.Integrated NVDIA® Jetson AGX Xavier SoM optimizes power consumption
2.Rugged GPGPU AI SWaP Optimized Rugged Supercomputer with powerful TFLOP performance
3.Compact structure brings superior processing to mobile and remote applications
4.NVIDIA® Jetson™ AGX Xavier System-on-Module, Volta™ Architecture GPU w/512 CUDA® cores, 8-core ARM v8.2 64-bit, 22 TOPS (Tera Operations Per Second), H.264/H.265 Hardware Encoder
5.NVME SSD, Removable SD storage
6.16 GB LPDDR4
7.Video Capture: SDI (SD/HD), 4 channels available simultaneously, Composite (RS-170A [NTSC]/PAL), 8 channels available simultaneously
8.Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI Output, 10GBase-T, UART Serial
9.USB 3.0, CANbus, Discretes, Display Ports
10.CUDA®, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, EGL
11.Environmentally Sealed (IP67)