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VXS Switch Board - PCI Express (VITA 41.4) and Ethernet (VITA 41.6)
CCT fx3220xx VXS switch board
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.VXS PCI Express® switch board: supporting 6, 12 or 18 payloads and utilizing non-transparent/transparent bridges
2.x4 PCI Express (Gen1 or Gen2) data plane (VITA 41.4) with DMA
3.1000 Base-BX unmanaged control plane (VITA 41.6)
4.for use in PCI Express Backplane environments
5.Inter-switch ports for interconnecting switch boards: two PCI Express inter-switch ports and four 1000 Base-BX inter-switch ports
6.Link/Activity status LEDs on all ports
7.Non-volatile EEPROM storage provides board configuration data per port: Ethernet switch configuration data and PCI Express configuration data
8.Extended temperature versions and ruggedized versions available
9.Serial port interface for operator setup
10.Fabric Switch Configuration software
11.Single slot, 6U VXS form factor


FX 322/0xx