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KPA EtherCAT Studio
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
2.KPA EtherCAT Studio is able to perform following operations:
3.Creation of configuration file for master according to ETG specification (ENI)
4.Import and Export of configurations from / to several PLC systems
5.ā€œCā€ ā€“ Header generation
6.Creation of slave configuration information (ESI, SII) according to ETG specification
7.Comparing of configuration files for
8.EtherCAT Master and Slave
10.Trigger conditions for Data- and Frame-
12.Tracing of events of Master, Slaves
13.(emergencies) and Studio
14.Classification of events
15.Measuring connection quality
16.Showing of reasons for events
17.Offering remedies for the event
19.Based on .net technology
20.Remote control
21.Silent mode
22.Device- and custom specific Plug-Ins


KPA EtherCAT Studio