High-End Workstation computers and rackmounts for creative professionals

Rock-solid, high-performance, purpose-built BOXX desktop and rackmount systems accelerate professional 3D CAD, animation, visual effects, deep learning, and other creative applications.


Workstation solutions with results

Accelerate your workflow, increase productivity, and expand the boundaries of creativity with professional workstation solutions purpose-built for your industry and applications. No hardware manufacturer understands 3D software better than BOXX.


BOXX Workstations: Market leading performace


S-Class: The Flagship Workstation

Accelerate 3D CAD, design, and VFX applications with the S-Class, configurable up to 24-core, Intel® Core™ i7/i9 performance tuned to 6.1GHz and support for up to two professional GPUs.


E-Class: The Entry-Level Workstation

A compact, rock-solid entry level workstation for 3D CAD and motion media, the E-class features a single Intel® Core™ i7 or i9 processor, along with a single, dual-slot professional GPU, memory, and ample storage options.


W-Class: The Versatile Workstation

Featuring a single Intel Xeon™ W processor and up to four GPUs, the versatile W-class maximizes ROI and delivers outstanding performance for rendering, simulation, and other GPU-accelerated applications.


T PRO-Class: The Threadripper PRO Workstation

Experience unrivalled performance for demanding 3D content creation, mot ion media, rendering, complex simulation, generative design, and more with an APEXX T PRO-Class workstation featuring an AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper PRO™ processor (up to 96 cores) ample memory, multiple pro GPUs, and plenty of drive capacity.


P & M-Class: Highly Versatile, Single & Dual EPYC™ Workstation for Ultimate Performance

Purpose-built to power complex rendering, broadcast graphics, deep neural network training, and more, APEXX P-Class & M-Class single and dual EPYC workstations feature AMD EPYC™ processors supporting up to 64 CPU cores each (128 total cores or 256 threads), maximum memory, and up to two professional Class GPUs for the world's most demanding workflows in a desk side system.


Product Highlights

1. BOXX APEXX S-Class Intel Core Workstations


Professionally overclocked BOXX APEXX S-Class Intel Core workstations are purpose-built for lightly threaded performance found in SOLIDWORKS, Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD, Inventor, and other CAD applications which thrive with a higher frequency processor. Pairing an Intel Core i7 or i9 (14th gen) with advanced liquid cooling also dramatically improves modeling and animation workflows like 3ds Max and Maya

In addition to the blazing fast CPU, the S3 offers ample memory, up to two professional GPUs, and plenty of hard drives. APEXX S3 is a Certified SOLIDWORKS System.

2. BOXX APEXX W-Class multi-GPU Workstations


BOXX APEXX W-Class multi-GPU workstation are ideal for a variety of professional applications. With up to four NVIDIA® RTX™ GPUs, these powerful Intel® Xeon® workstations maximize ROI for GPU-centric workflows and deliver rock-solid performance and reliability for rendering, multi-display, deep learning, and more.

Optimized for high core count workflows and capable of delivering rapid workload loading and processing, APEXX W-class Xeon W workstations offer up to 56 cores, up to 4.8 GHz Intel® Max Turbo Frequency, and multiple professional GPUs. From creative applications like 3ds Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D, to rendering in V-Ray and Redshift, to powering deep learning, APEXX W-class workstations optimize application performance, maximize productivity, and provide substantial ROI.

3. BOXX APEXX T PRO-Class AMD Threadripper PRO Workstations


BOXX APEXX T PRO-Class AMD Threadripper PRO workstations are incredibly versatile platforms, delivering unrivaled performance for demanding 3D content creation, motion media, rendering, complex simulation, generative design, and software compilation tasks. In addition to elite AMD Ryzen™ Threadripper™ PRO 7000 WX-Series processors, APEXX T PRO-Class also features liquid cooling, ample memory, multiple professional GPUs, and plenty of drive capacity.

The 7nm “Zen 4” core AMD Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7000 WX-Series processors provide creative professionals with top-tier performance, reliability, expandability, and security.

Up to 96 processor cores (the most of any workstation CPU) provide an astonishing 192 threads of simultaneous multi-processing power, while up to 384MB of combined cache and vast I/O from the AMD WRX90 chipset offer unprecedented expansion for multi-GPU and NVMe arrays thanks to PCIe® 5.0 connectivity.

The APEXX T4 PRO workstation is an AVID Certified System.

4. BOXX RAXX Rackmount Workstations


Purpose-built for enterprise businesses, RAXX rackmount workstations from BOXX deliver breakthrough performance, reliability, and flexibility for a wide range of professional applications and workflows.