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Acromag 801T
Acromag 801T, 801T-0500 Intellipack universal temperature transmitter , 801T-1500 Intellipack temperature transmitter with alarm

Universele temperatuur transmitter

Acromag 811T
Acromag 811T, 811T-0500 Intellipack universal DC input transmitter , 811T-1500 Intellipack DC transmitter with alarm

Universele DC input transmitter

Acromag 841T
Acromag 841T, 841T-0500 Intellipack frequency input transmitter , 841T-1500 Intellipack frequency input transmitter with alarm

Frequency / pulse counter input transmitter

Acromag 851T
Acromag 851T, 851T-0500 Intellipack strain gauge transmitter , 851T-1500 Intellipack strain gauge transmitter with alarm

Load cell input transmitter