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EP aXcelent 1U MicroTCA systeem
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.1U 19” Rackmount MicroTCA system
2.Accommodates 6 mid-size AMCs, 3 full-size AMCs, or a combination of the two.
3.Chassis Options: Includes slots for one MCH, one power module, 2 hot swappable cooling units, air filters, and an optional JTAG switching module.
4.MCH Options: The MCH can be ordered to include support for PCI Express on the fabric channels, GigE on the base channel, and telecom clock distribution.
5.AMC Options: The system can be ordered with any of the Power Architecture AMCs from Embedded Planet. The AMCs include single and multi-core options with support for PCI Express and Serial RapidIO fabric channels.
6.Software Support: The AMCs can be ordered with both Linux and VxWorks Board Support Packages. The MCH includes NATview Easy MCH software for managing the devices in the system.