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ISI/MOLEX VPX6-COP FPGA computing core
Belangrijkste Eigenschappen
1.3U OpenVPX FPGA coprocessor card
2.FMC I/O site (VITA 57) with 8 x 5 Gbps MGT lanes, 80 LVDS pairs (LA, HA, HB full support)
3.FPGA Computing Core:
4.- Xilinx Virtex6 SX315T, SX475T, LX240T or LX550T
5.- 2 Banks of 1GB DRAM (2GB total)
6.- 2 banks of 9MB QDRII+ SRAM (18MB total)
7.- 128MB DDR3 DRAM
8.VPXI system-timing features
9.-Integrates with VPXI backplane timing
10.-VPX backplane timing clock and trigger
11.-VPX backplane shared triggers and flags
12.-PLL with 10-1000 MHz range with 10 MHz
13.-0.5 ppm reference or VPX timing clock
14.System communications
15.-x12 lanes, 5 Gbps
16.-Dual PCIe or up to four Aurora ports
17.-PCIe x8 Gen2 PCIe supports 2 GB/s sustained transfer rates
18.< 15W typical excluding FMC
19.Ruggedization Levels up to L4 forced air or conduction cooling
20.40g shock, 9g sine, 0.1 g2/Hz random vibe
21.IPMI health monitoring