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Virtual Access GW2028 Industrial Router
Virtual Access GW2028 Industrial Router, GW2027, GW2027, GW2028

3G/4G LTE/CDMA450 Wireless Router

GW3300 Series Router
GW3300 Series Router

Dual Radio In-vehicle Wireless Router with WiFi

GW3400 Series Router
GW3400 Series Router

Industrial Wireless Router with WiFi

Virtual Access GW7300 Series
Virtual Access GW7300 Series, GW7304-3G, GW7304-LTE, GW7314-3G, GW7314-LTE

Ruggedised Router

INSYS EBW H100, EBW H100 (10014545)

Cellular routers with 2 Ethernet ports

INSYS IMO-1, IMO-1 1.0 (10014445) , IMO-1 1.0 KIT (10014791)

Cellular router / fault annunciator

Connectport WAN VPN
Connectport WAN VPN, ConnectPort WAN Wi HSDPA router with Wifi (ad-hoc only) Mains lead sold separately, ConnectPort WAN GPS HSDPA with integrated GPS Mains lead sold separately, Connectport WAN VPN HSUPA industrial 3G / HSUPA  router, includes module

Connectport WAN VPN

Digi Wi-Point 3G
Digi Wi-Point 3G, Digi Wi-Point 3G secure, cellular PC card based Router with Wi-Fi Hotspot

3G/HSDPA PC-card gebaseerde router met Wifi